Challenge Websites

  • Waste and Sanitation

    Our Problem is focusing on the trash in lakes in Coppell which makes the water quality bad and allows for diseases and viruses to thrive. We are specifically focusing on the WestNile Virus in Texas. We want to focus on doing our part to clean the lakes and have a campaign to make sure others will not be part of the problem because having dirty lakes leads to clusters of mosquitoes and spreads diseases. Trash in lakes also interferes with human uses of river, marine and coastal environments like lack of fish, and not being able to participate in many recreational activities. We also want to plan for the future to prevent it from continually happening, but we are also dealing with the present.

     Waste and Sanitation homepage

    We are hoping to have a viable solution by the end of this school year, May 2021.

  • Acessible Transport

    The problem we are exploring is related to how those who can not afford reliable transportation struggle to access necessary services and activities. This includes traveling to their job, getting groceries, dropping off a child at daycare or school, or even for entertainment purposes, as they have no other means of transportation. The First/Last Mile problem pertains to those who rely on public transportation for everyday tasks. Our focus is on specifically those who can not access the necessary services due in part because of the lack of reliable transportations means.

    Service Access Homepage

     We plan to have a prototype of a solution by late April 2021.

  • Sidewalk Solutions

    Damaged sidewalks create a lot of problems, but are easily fixable. New sidewalks last for a few years, but after they're damaged, they're usually left alone for a while before they are fixed. We've decided to come up with innovative solutions to find faster and easier ways to fix sidewalks.

    Sidewalk Solutions Homepage

    Our current planned date of delivery is the month of April 2022. Since our team members are two juniors and a senior, this team will officially work on this project only for another two years.

  • Phoenix Gans

    The problem we are aiming to solve is uncomfortable prosthetics. Specifically, prosthetics can cause skin irritation which then causes amputees to not want to wear/use their prosthetics.

    Phoenix Gans homepage
    Planned date of delivery for solutions: May 2021

  • Sustainable Energy

    A lack of access to clean, renewable source of energy in areas of the country of Chad, in Africa.
    According to an article from USAID, the country of Chad has only 125 MW of installed generation capacity for a population of 14.5 million people. Chad’s government is working to expand its electricity supply and encourage investment in the energy sector to stimulate the economy. This lack of energy prohibits much of the population from performing basic necessities such as cooking or sanitizing water to stay alive. A lack of governmental funds puts the population at an even higher risk as there isn’t sufficient money to finance the project that could possibly provide millions with power. By generating a solution, we may be able to provide the citizens of Chad with enough power and energy to function normally and perform basic tasks. This will allow for more urbanization and allow Chad to become more developed, which helps the global economy.

    Sustainable Energy homepage

    If all goes well, we expect to have a working solution that we can send off in the timespan of about 2 to 3 years at most.

  • Clean energy for Chad

    To solve the problem of a lack of access to clean and affordable energy in chad Africa.

    Clean energy to Chad homepage
    End delivery date: our end delivery date is in 2 and a half years in the spring of 2023

  • Transport Turnabout

    How can we get people in the Downtown Dallas area to be more noticeable to buses, so they don't miss their connections?

    Transport Turnabout homepage

    We are expecting to begin prototyping late November, and a solution could be produce as early as mid-late December, although it may be later than that.

  • Reducing Waste Buildup

    Waste production in Sihanoukville, Cambodia is constantly increasing due to the poor water quality which leads to the excessive reliance on plastic water bottles. Sihanoukville's plastic production is expected to increase if no action is taken to combat the poor waste management and water quality in the area. Immediate action is needed or else the cycle of plastic will continue to worsen living conditions.

    Reducing Waste Buildup homepage

    We plan do deliver a possible solution for the challenge by late April 2021.

  • Car CO2 Emissions

    Car CO2 emissions are harmful for the environment and long commute times implement those emissions. How can we reduce Car CO2 emissions by reducing long transit time?

    Car CO2 Emissions
    Projected Delivery date: 11/10/20

  • Stop the Car Pollution

    CO2 emission from buses is polluting the air in Coppell. We need to reduce these emissions by controlling and limiting the exhaust of CO2.

    Stop the car pollution homepage

    Delivery Date: November 6th

  • Redistributing Food

    Asthma is a chronic lung disease which causes airways to be inflamed, narrow, and swell. To prevent asthma attacks it’s good to stay away from tobacco smoke and dust, but when the overall air quality is bad, you can avoid breathing in those pollutants. When restaurants waste food, it gets thrown away to landfills, which then produces methane and other harmful gases that are released into the air. Poor air quality is a huge problem, and we went to target the wasted food that adds to the harmful gases. Improving air quality, will ultimately help people with asthma by limiting their chances of air quality induced asthma attacks.

    Food Waste homepage

    Planned date of delivery for out solution: Friday, May 21st, 2021

  • Reducing Syrofoam Pollution

    Styrofoam, when exposed to heat, can leach harmful toxins into food and liquids and cause widespread negative health impacts

    Reducing Styrofoam Pollution Homepage
    Planned Delivery Date: End of 2020-2021 School Year

  • Wildfires

    Wildfires homepage

  • Clean energy in Chad

    Our problem is the lack of clean and affordable energy in Chad, Africa. They currently are not using clean energy and are instead using coal and oil. This fuel source is not good for the environment which can affect the people of Chad and surrounding areas very negatively. If we were to come up with a solution that allows them to easily gather clean energy, then electricity would be more commonly accessible by the people of Chad. Chad currently does not have widespread electricity usage as they do not have the infrastructure to supply the power to everyone and they have not yet tapped into high energy potential of solar and wind in their area.


    The planned date of delivery for your solution : May 2023

  • Affordable Energy for Chad

    The challenge that we are trying to solve is we are trying to get clean and affordable energy to the people of Chad, Africa so they can have a better life.

    Affordable Energy homepage

    This will take us the next two years to complete and come up with a final product and solution.