Tips for Success in Online Learning

    1. Create a schedule AND follow it!You need to have the discipline to sit down and work on your class. It is tempting to say "I will work on my class sometime today..." The problem is, things come up and then before you know it, the day is gone and you haven't done anything for school. On Friday, check each classes' schedule and plan out the upcoming week.
    2. Budget MORE time than you think you need. Another common problem online students have is that they underestimate how much time an assignment takes to complete. Double the amount of time you think you need. If you get done early, AWESOME! But, if you need it, you have the extra time to get things done.
    3. Plan to turn assignments in a day early. Again, problems happen, things come up. If you give yourself a deadline earlier than what the teacher expects, this gives you a great buffer if you need it.
    4. Create a learning space. Find where you are the most productive. If you are in your super-comfy bed, will you actually work?? Also, get all the supplies you need to be successful and stock your workplace. If you are missing supplies, that could distract you or cause you not to complete an assignment.
    5. Check-in with your courses at least 2x per day. Login to Schoology and your CISD email at least 2 times per day. This is how your instructors will communicate the latest information to you.
    6. Actively participate in ALL courses.Email your instructors and classmates. Complete your assignments. Check the course for announcements and emails. This is how you will stay connected with friends and your own learning.
    7. If you feel you may be struggling, speak up!Our goal is your success. We know online learning is new for most of us. Ask all the questions you need to!