COVID-19 Active Cases Reporting FAQ

  • What is an active case?

  • How often is the Dashboard updated?

  • What is the district’s reporting process when there are active cases?

  • How long do cases appear on the Dashboard?

  • Why report a case when a student has not been on campus?

  • Why does it appear that a case had been removed from the Dashboard/daily summary prior to the 10 days after it was reported?

  • Does an active case reported at a school or building mean that the virus was contracted at that location?

  • How are close contacts notified?

  • I’ve heard there’s a student or staff member at my school/building in isolation or quarantine, why isn’t this case on the Dashboard?

  • I know a student or teacher or staff member who is having to quarantine, but I don’t see a case on the Dashboard. Why not?

  • Why does the isolation period seem to be shorter than 10 days or a quarantine period seem to be shorter than 14 days, or in some cases longer, from when families were notified about a case?

  • I know someone who has been absent for more than a week. Is this an active case that has not been reported to us?

  • I know of someone who has changed from in person to remote distance learning. Does this mean that they are an active case, in isolation or in quarantine?

  • My child is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or has received a COVID-19 positive test. Who should I notify?

  • I am a district employee with COVID-19 symptoms or a positive COVID-19 test. Who should I notify?

  • I have additional questions not on this FAQ. Who should I contact?

Last Modified on November 6, 2020