Degrees and Certifications:

Board Certified Physician in Internal Medicine; Board Certified in Geriatrics; Board Certified in Hospice and Palliative Medicine

Dr. Neena Biswas | Place 4

Began Serving on CISD School Board: November 2020
Up for re-election: May 2023

Occupation/Place of Employment:
Doctor, Entrepreneur

Lives in Coppell with her husband and two daughters. Both daughters have been in the CISD system, and are now in CHS.

Music (I play the Hawaiin guitar and keyboard); Gardening, tropical plants and Orchids; Tropical Fish keeping; Medical Research

What factors most strongly influenced your decision to run for the School Board?
I have always enjoyed working with kids. I have trained in Pediatrics and have several years with charitable work with kids, as well as newborns. I believe that child development is dependent on early influences, and school plays a big part in how a person is shaped for the future. An all-rounder child, with interest and exposure to multiple areas, such as academics, sports and music paves the way to a complete healthy adult. I have lived in Coppell for over 13 years, and have been actively involved in school activities. I wish to give back through my ideas and support to CISD. It is certainly a wonderful school district and the kids are so hard-working and diligent. CISD also offers so many ways for any child to nurture and develop their different interests, apart from pure academics. 

Campuses Adopted this Year:
Austin, CCE, Lakeside, Pinkerton, CHS9, CHS, NTH@C, VR@C

  • What are your 1-5 year goals for CISD students?

  • What do you want the CISD community to know about you?