Q&A with Coppell ISD CBAS Leadership Team

  • Why is CBAS important? What role does Advocacy play?

  • What are some ways CISD is measuring student learning and progress in CBAS? What should parents and guardians look for in these measurements?

  • What is student readiness? What do engaged, well-rounded learners look like? What indicates success or improvement in this area?

  • COVID-19 has shown us the crucial role operational systems such as facilities, technology, child nutrition and custodial play in a school district. In terms of CBAS, what are we looking for to show our success?

  • What role does data play in CBAS? Why is it important?

  • Safety and wellbeing is a CBAS pillar and social and emotional learning is one of your priorities. How do these two relate to one another?

  • Why should professional learning and quality staff be important to CBAS and matter to our families?