Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I stick to one Program of Study?

  • Is Career and Technical Education for high school students who are not college bound?

  • What is iExplore?

  • Why are industry-based certifications important?

  • Do CTE courses impact my GPA?

  • What is the purpose of CTSOs?

Dual-Credit CTE Courses

  • Can I be in a CTSO if I attend a CTE course on a community college campus?

Career Prep 1

  • Do we need to find a job on our own?

  • Do we work during the class period, or do we need to work after/outside of school?

  • If we do need to work outside of school, then approximately how many hours do we need to do so?

Healthcare Therapeutic

  • Is Pathophysiology a double-blocked course?

Exercise Science and Wellness

  • What courses should I take sophomore year?