Coppell ISD 2016 Bond Program Recap

  • An Educationally Driven and Community Effort from Start to Finish

    As the construction and renovation projects from the 2013 bond authorization election neared completion, the Coppell ISD Board of Trustees determined it necessary to evaluate and vision the potential need for a future bond election.  The need for visioning was largely driven by the continued student growth in the northern and southern portions of the school district, including but not limited to, the Cypress Waters development, the Bridges, Parkside East and West developments, Westhaven and Easthaven developments, Belmont Landing, and various smaller single-family developments (all representing over 1,900 new single-family homes, plus over 2,000 new multi-family homes).  Therefore, in the spring of 2015, the Facilities Visioning Committee comprised of parents, community members, students, teachers, and central administration staff was formed and convened.  This was the beginning of a process that would help shape the instruction, technologies, and facilities of Coppell ISD for years to come.

  • 2016 Bond Website
  • 2016 Bond Dollars at Work
  • In order to more clearly and fully detail the processes and decisions throughout this bond election, this document is broken down into several categories, including:

  • I. Work, findings, and recommendations of the Facilities Visioning Committee
  • II. Work, findings, and recommendations of the Bond Steering Committee
  • III. Final determination of bond projects and Board of Trustees calling for an election
  • IV. Property tax management/minimization and timing of bond sales
  • V. Work and recommendations of the Bond Oversight Committee
  • VI. Construction and renovation project management/successes between all stakeholders
  • VII. Primary and significant projects completed by campus, including key and interesting elements
  • VIII. Bond project savings
  • IX. What comes next?