Work, findings, and recommendations of the Facilities Visioning Committee

  • The foundation for much of the 2016 bond program was largely conceived by the Facilities Visioning Committee. The committee was comprised of forty-three members including parents, students, community business owners, elected officials, city staff, and school district administrators.  Their primary charge was “to find potential viable facility solutions to address future student growth, without necessarily coming to consensus”.  For example, to manage future student growth, they studied options of whether to recommend adding on to existing campuses or building new facilities.  They spent a great deal of time studying and evaluating the student growth history, as well as, projected student growth within the various geographical areas of the school district.  In considering the possibility of recommending the construction of additional instructional space, the committee embraced eight guiding principles:

    1. Efficient utilization of space
    2. Proximity of facility (minimize travel time)
    3. Minimize operational constraints (including $$)
    4. Program (curriculum and instruction) considerations
    5. Guaranteed sustainable student population
    6. Minimal overall impact and disruption
    7. Maintain district vision
    8. Community support and transparency for the plan

    Additionally, they looked at possible technology needs as they related to student growth and best practices in a rapidly changing technological educational environment.  The committee met four times dividing into five groups (e.g. elementary, middle school, high school, support buildings, and technology) to study and recommend ideas to the Board of Trustees on June 22, 2015.

    After a great deal of work, the Facilities Visioning Committee publicly presented the following potential solutions and options to the Board of Trustees for consideration at the June 22, 2015 Board meeting:

  • High School Potential Solutions/Options

  • Middle School Potential Solutions/Options

  • Elementary School Potential Solutions/Options

  • Administrative/Support Facilities Potential Solutions/Options

  • Technology Potential Solutions/Options

  • Common Themes Presented by Facilities Visioning Committee