Primary and significant projects completed by campus, including key and interesting elements

  • This section will detail and explain some of the more significant projects by campus.  It will appear some of the older campuses did not receive the same level of renovation that others did during the five-year bond program.  In these cases, it will be noted if each respective campus received significant renovations during the prior 2013 bond program.  The following is a link to a current spreadsheet detailing each authorized project by campus, including budgeted dollars, savings, and timelines for completion.

    2016 Bond Project Tracking Spreadsheet

  • Coppell High School

  • New Tech High @ Coppell

  • Coppell High School Ninth Grade Campus (CHS9)

  • Victory Place

  • Coppell Middle School East

  • Coppell Middle School North

  • Coppell Middle School West

  • Footprint Elementary Campuses and Pinkerton

  • Richard J. Lee Elementary

  • Canyon Ranch Elementary

  • Administration Buildings

  • District-wide Technology Initiatives