2023 Bond Committee

  • 2023 Bond LogoThe CISD Bond Committee is a group of parents, students, staff and community members that will collaboratively develop a long-range plan for district facilities, technology and other eligible bond items. The committee will serve in an advisory role to assist district staff and the Board of Trustees to assess and prioritize district needs. The committee will develop a comprehensive master plan recommendation based upon the district’s mission and core values to be presented to the Board of Trustees for a potential May 2023 bond program. 

    The committee will consist of students, parents, future parents, staff and community members of CISD. The district will seek to have representation from campuses, municipalities, Chambers of Commerce, and special CISD programs. The committee will be composed of members from the various geographical regions of the school district at large. The Committee shall represent all current and future students, school campuses and all taxpayers within the boundaries of the Coppell ISD.

  • The committee will:

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The 2023 Bond Steering Committee Members

Name Campus Affiliation Stakeholder
Aaron Duncan MKB, NTH@C Parent, Former City Leader
Al Zapanta Irving City Council
Alejandra Camarillo DCE Employee
Anna Shah CRE Parent/Substitute
Anthony Hufford NTH@C Employee
Ashley Wallace Future Parent, Community Member
Becky Rainbolt Community Member
Bobby Patton CMS East, CHS Parent
Brian Pokluda CCE, CMS North, CMS West, CHS9, CHS Parent
Carla Behlen Austin Parent
Carol McGuire CCE Parent
Carrie Clark VRE, CHS Parent, Employee
Caterina Gonzalez Wilson, CMS North Parent
Chris Shortino CCE, CMS North, CHS9, CHS Parent
Cynthia Arterbery VRE Employee, Community
Cynthia Osborne VP@C Employee
Dan Frey Community Member
Dilan Patel CHS Student
Don Carroll MKB, CMS East Coppell City Council, Parent
Dr. Christa Slejko Dallas College Former Parent, Business Leader
Dr. Cody Koontz CHS9 Employee
Dr. Greg Axelson CCE, CMS North Parent, Employee, Community
Evan Whitfield Administration Employee
Freddie Guerra Parent
Gaby Anene Wilson, CMS North Parent
Genaro Lopez CHS Employee, Parent
Gerard Miller Employee
Jamie Suarez DCE, CMS North Parent
Jennie Allison Victory Place Employee
Jim Walker Community member
Jobby Mathew (Removed due to CISD Board appointing him to replace Trustee Place 7 vacancy) CRE Parent
John Kelder West Employee
Kellie Fishpaw CHS9, CHS Parent
Maria Mantecon NTH@C Parent
Mason Montague CHS Student
Melissa Mieyr Community Member
Mike Milosevich Pinkerton Parent
Mohit Mittal VRE Parent
Monika Dogra CMS West Parent
Natalie Cuccia Pinkerton Employee
Nathan Harvey CMS North Employee
Naveen Boppana DCE, CHS Employee
Priyanka Bhutani CHS Student
Ranna Raval CMS West, CHS Parent
Ricardo Roberto Business Leader
Rosie Stevens CHS Parent
Samantha Saenz NTH@C Student
Samira Khan Lee, CMS West Parent, Employee
Samit Patel CHS Parent
Sathish Kumar Poondi Jayaraman VRE, CMS West Parent
Shevawn McSpadden MKB, CMS East Parent
Soha Alam NTH@C Student
Theodore Randall TCE, CHS9 Parent
Thomas Anderson MKB Parent
Todd Storch Community Member, Former Parent
Trudy Baade Wilson Parent
Urmi Subramanian West, CHS9 Parent
Vaishali Agnihotri CMS East Parent
Vandana Nayak Lakeside, CMS North, CHS, NTH@C Parent
Wes Mays Coppell Mayor