• Alumni & 3rd Party Enrollment Verification Requests

    • Order through Parchment. (If you have trouble opening the link, try using the Google Chrome Browser.)
    • You will need a credit or debit card, transcripts are $5.20 each. 
    • Instructions for ordering transcripts are on the link to the right. 
    • 3rd Party Enrollment Verifications are made via Parchment by selecting the link on the left. The cost for enrollment verification requests is $20.
     Seniors – Class of 2021 
    • Colleges
      • Order through Naviance beginning August 1, 2020. 
      • Keep in mind that summer courses are not added to a transcript until October 1.
      • Learners are responsible for requesting their transcript through their Naviance account under the "Colleges" tab - "colleges I'm applying to" section. CHS does not charge for submitting transcripts.  
      • Texas A&M University College Station & Texas Tech, after your transcript request in Naviance you will receive a PDF copy of your transcript by email to upload into the Document Upload System applicant Information System (AIS) for Texas A&M & Tech. It is your responsibility to upload your transcript, CHS will not mail transcripts to these institutions.  Disclaimer: Please allow up to one week after your transcript request in Naviance to receive a pdf of your transcript for upload.
    • Scholarships
      • Order through Naviance
      • Click on "colleges" tab, then on the left-hand side you'll see "transcripts." Click it and then the second link "request transcripts for scholarships or athletics." Type in the name of the scholarship (Recipient) and the address if we are mailing it for you. If you are picking it up you don't need to type in the address, just under "additional notes" type that you are picking it up.
      • Come see the counseling secretary in the Counseling Office to either pick up or confirm that it is to be mailed.
    • Unofficial
      • See Counseling Secretary in the Counseling Office
    NCAA Transcript

    Junior Year

    1. Register at  during your junior year
    2. Send them a six semester transcript (end of junior year transcript). Once you have registered with the NCAA bring the Counseling Secretary your NCAA ID number. She will send your transcript at the end of your junior year. If you attended more than one high school and/or North Lake you will need to also send the NCAA those official transcripts directly from those institutions.
    3. Send them your SAT and/or ACT score directly from Collegeboard or ACT.

    10th & 11th Graders

    • See the Counseling Secretary in the Counseling Office (Student Services). 
      • Please allow 24hrs for all Transcript requests made through Student Services Office. 
Order Credentials from Parchment