Frequently Asked Questions for Middle School

  • Q. What are the school hours?

    8:10 a.m. – 3:35 p.m.

    Q. How many classes will I take every day?

    Seven. Four core classes (math, science, social studies, language arts) and three electives for 8th grade, two electives and iExplore for 7th grade and two elective for 6th grade. For all 6th graders math will be two periods. 

    Q. What will I wear for my Physical Education class?

    You will need a pair of tennis shoes, a red t-shirt shirt and black shorts for P.E. You may order gym wear through the PTO or you may purchase it on your own.

    Q. How long is each class period?

    Approximately 49 minutes

    Q. How much time do I have between classes?

     4 minutes

    Q. When do I eat lunch?

    All 6th graders eat lunch together from 10:52 - 11:22 am

    Q. Are there tutorials in the sixth grade?

    Yes, each teacher has a specific day and time for their tutorials.

    Q. What happens if I am tardy?

    The first week the teachers will be in the hall to help direct you to the right classroom. Upon completion of the first week you will be expected to be in class on time. Citations will be issued to students that are tardy.

    Q. What is “No pass – No Play?”

    If you fail one or more of your classes at the six week marking period you cannot participate in extra-curricular activities such as band, school plays, school related competitions, etc., until the grade is brought up to passing.

    Q. What if I am absent?

    If you are sick, your parents need to call the school office at 214-496-7100 to report your absence. When you return to school you will need to check in with the front office with a parent / doctor note. If a note is not presented, the absences are unexcused.

    Q. Is there a dress code?

    Yes. Shorts and skirts must come to the bottom of the fingertips. Cut-offs and pajamas are not acceptable. You may not wear t-shirts that are not in good taste or promote an unhealthy life-style. Hats may not be worn to school. Tank tops, tube tops, and halter tops are not permitted. A shirt must be worn over or under these types of blouses. Jeans may not have holes, be frayed at the bottom, or sag below the waist.

    Q. May I carry a backpack to class?

    Yes. Backpacks are not allowed inside the classrooms but you will leave your backpack in the cubbies or hooks found in each hallway and carry materials that you need into the classroom.  

    Q. How can I help my child stay organized in middle school?

    Each middle school student is required to have an agenda. Agenda’s are used in the classroom on a daily basis to write down homework assignments / upcoming tests and projects. Schoology is also a vital tool. Teachers post lesson plans and assignments weekly. Schoology can be accessed on any computer that has internet access.