• Physical Education Curriculum Letter

          I would like to welcome new students and parents, and also all returning students and parents to Austin Elementary.  I believe that physical education is a vital part of the educational program, and can be enjoyable for all.  More and more, people of all ages are enjoying the benefits of being physically fit and living a healthy lifestyle.  The purpose of physical education is to improve the physical and mental condition of all students thru exercise.
          Our main emphasis on aerobic exercise will be a walk/jog program called Runner's Club.  Our track is approximately a quarter mile lap.  We will use the "principle of progression".  Your child will learn about pacing and begin at a slow pace and be expected to gradually increase that pace over the span of the school year.  Our goal will be to walk/jog a mile in less than twelve minutes by the end of the year.  This will take effort on your child's part, but can be achieved by walking and jogging intermittently.  Please note that this does not state that they are required to run the entire time.
           Being successful in P.E. class will depend largely on whether your child is properly attired for class.  Tennis shoes are a must for P.E. class.  If your child chooses to wear sandals, boots, flip-flops, croqs, etc., please be sure to send a pair of tennis shoes if it is their P.E. day.  Also, girls are encouraged to wear shorts or tights under skirts and dresses.  Fashion tennis shoes with the high, platform soles are not appropriate.
          The physical education TEKS cover a wide variety of activities that are developmentally appropriate.  However, there is one TEKS that is covered in some fashion by all grade levels, K-5.  This TEKS deals with the ability of a student to work with others and understand that one's behavior in following directions can affect the entire group.  If a situation occurs in P.E. class, I will send a note home indicating what happened.  The situation and possible solutions will have been discussed in detail with your child.  Please note that the letter needs to be signed and returned the next school day.  I teach back to back classes all day and can not converse with parents during the daytime.  By returning the letter signed, I will know that you are aware of the situation.  I see every student in the school but want to have a means of communicating with parents.  I feel this letter is the most efficient way of keeping the lines of communication open.  If there is a need I can always be reached by school email or leaving a message on voice mail.
          I look forward to working with you, your child's classroom teacher, and your child this year to develop a strong foundation for the importance of being physically active and living a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime.