Our students will be taking the fitnessgram pretest during the month of October.  They will be filling out their pre test cards.  These cards include the Healthy Zone Score, the pre test score, a place to put the April State Test score, and their 2015 score.  Students will be bringing the test card home in the last weeks of October so that parents can see what their progress has been from last year and the areas they are striving to improve for this year.  Please be sure you sign the card and send it back.  The signing and returning of the card is a part of the student's pe grade.  If your child attended Austin last year and took the state test but does not have the 2015 scores, this means they did not return their card last year.  We have discussed during pe class how to set realistic goals and  how our warm-up exercises and Runner's Club work on the healthy zone areas.