• District Awards for Teaching Excellence
    Frequently Asked Questions
    If you have additional questions please email them to: date@coppellisd.com
    1. Am I eligible?

    To be eligible for the D.A.T.E. Grant, an individual needs to be a 3rd-5th grade content teacher (mathematics, ELA, social studies, and science) or secondary mathematics teacher through Algebra I. This includes special education mathematics teachers and ESL mathematics teachers. Note: A teaching reassignment can change eligibility status.

    2. How do I apply?

    All interested, eligible employees apply by reading the eligibility requirements and, completing and submitting the 2010-2011 Grant Terms of Agreement form to their campus principal by the designated deadline.

    3. Can I receive both awards?

    Yes, if you are eligible and achieve both campus and district expectations as defined by the grant.

    4. If I don't receive the campus award, am I still eligible for the district award?

    Yes, if across the district your grade level meets the required expectations based on 2010-2011 commended performance on TAKS as outlined by the D.A.T.E Grant.

    5. If my class meets the D.A.T.E. Grant Student Performance Target for the campus grade level team award, but my team does not, am I still eligible for the $1,000 award?

    No, it is a campus grade level team criterion and individual classroom teachers are not eligible.

    6. If I am the only one in my department who chooses to participate, am I still eligible?

    Yes, if your campus meets the D.A.T.E. Grant Student Performance Targets and you completed the D.A.T.E. Grant Terms of Agreement form indicating your participation you are eligible.

    7. If I am a content teacher in 3rd – 5th grades, is it possible to receive the award even if I don't teach mathematics?

    Yes, at the elementary level all content teachers provide instruction to support mathematics through vocabulary development, reading skills, and tutoring.

    8. I started at mid-term, am I eligible?

    No, based on the documented eligibility requirements you are not eligible.

    9. I'm an elementary music teacher am I eligible?

    No, based on the documented eligibility requirements you are not eligible.

    10. If I started working for the district on the first day of instruction as an instructional aide, and was transferred to a 3rd grade teaching position on September 15, 2010, am I eligible for the award?

    Yes, you are eligible if you began working for CISD in a qualifying position (see #1) before October 1, 2010.

    11. Why was mathematics the chosen focus?

    Click here to learn why mathematics was chosen.

    12. When and how do I get paid?

    Payout will be included in your September 2011 paycheck.

    13. Is it possible to achieve the award criteria and become ineligible for payment?

    Yes. If a participant is no longer a CISD employee prior to or during the 2011-2012 school yea, he/she is not eligible for the payout. Participants also need to be in good standing in the 2010-2011 school year, not under investigation, nor reassigned pending investigation at the time awards are distributed. Employees are ineligible for awards until any investigation is concluded and the employee is cleared of the allegation. Note: A teaching reassignment can also change eligibility status.

    14. Will I get the full amount of the award[s] or will taxes and/or benefits be deducted?

    The grant was written by the program manager such that each recipient will receive the awarded net amount.

    15. What happens if I leave the district the following year?

    You will be ineligible to receive the award.

    16. What documentation will be utilized to determine if I receive the award?

    The 2010-2011 TAKS results and the 2010-2011 Performance Series growth results will be utilized.

    17. Am I responsible for keeping or submitting documentation?

    All participants must provide documentation when requested by the program manager.

    18. What staff development is available?

    A link to staff development opportunities can be found on the homepage of the D.A.T.E. website.

    19. Who do I contact if I have questions?

    Contact the D.A.T.E. administrator through the email address found on the D.A.T.E. homepage.