• English as a Second Language (ESL) and Limited English Proficient (LEP)

    The English as a Second Language Program (ESL) in Coppell ISD focuses on developing proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing for English language learners. In addition to English language immersion and sheltered instructional methods in the regular classroom, ESL facilitators regularly go into the classroom to work with the learner (called a "content based push-in model").

    The regular classroom educators and the ESL Facilitators collaborate for the success of the child, while teaching grade level curriculum, academically engaging students, and encouraging development of the English language.

    ESL is offered to Pre-K learners, elementary, middle and high school learners.

    Our Educators

    • We have 11 dedicated ESL facilitators that offer support at each of our elementary, middle and high school campuses. 
    • 100% of our elementary educators are certified in ESL methodologies. 
    • 100% of our educators Pre-K through 12th (including teachers, librarians, literacy and math coaches, support staff, etc) have been certified in Sheltered Instruction Protocol to best meet the needs of our second language learners. They all have completed ELPS (English Language Proficiency Standards) training. 

    ESL in Coppell: Eligibility for Services

    1. Upon arrival in the district, all families take the Home Language Survey, which is completed by parents. It is critical that the form be filled out correctly and accurately to ensure that learners get the proper services. If parents do not indicate a language other than English, their children are NOT eligible for ESL/LEP services, including Summer School programs. Once a language is written on the Home Language Survey, it is permanent once the form has been completed and signed.
    2. If a language other than English is spoken in the home, the learner is tested to determine their English Proficiency level.


    ESL Newcomer Program

    If a learner tests as "non English speaking" CISD will offer the Newcomer program.

    • Elementary Newcomer Classes (grades 1-5): Newcomer students are served at each campus in the district who score as Non-English Speakers. They receive language acquisition classes with an ESL Facilitator while receiving other content instruction from a mainstream classroom teacher with support from the ESL Facilitator.
    • Secondary Newcomer Classes (grades 6-12): Newcomer classes are at each middle school campus (grades 6-8), and Coppell High School (grades 9-12). They serve English Language Learners in the district who score as Non-English Speakers in their first year in the U.S. They receive instruction in language acquisition, language arts, and one to three other content areas from a teacher who is certified in the content areas as well as ESL. They receive other content instruction from a mainstream classroom teacher who utilizes strategies outlined in ELPS with collaboration of the ESL teachers on campus. 

    The Newcomer program is designed to assist learners in becoming proficient enough in the English language to work more independently in the regular classroom. Read more about the Newcomer program.

    ESL Pre-K Program

    • Half-day Pre-Kindergarten for four year olds is offered only at Austin Elementary.
    • Pre-K Registration Information: Please call 214-496-6021 for information regarding how to set up an appointment to have your child tested for ESL Pre-K qualification. 
    • Click here for more Pre-K information.

    ESL Summer School

    • CISD offers a summer school program for Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st grade ESL/LEP learners at no cost to the family. The State requires and funds this program. 
    • CISD also provides some summer school offerings for 2nd grade through 12th graders that are considered ESL "newcomers." 
    • Summer school details are posted on the website in late spring. 

ESL Contact

  • Owens
    Regina Owens
    ESL Director
    De Ann Sills
    Administrative Assistant