Newcomer Section of ESL

  • Newcomer Classes at Coppell ISD serve ESL students who come to the district with no English language skills (non-English speakers). The program assists these students in becoming proficient in the English language so that they may become successful in academic subjects during their remaining time in secondary school. It provides an orientation to the American educational system and culture, while giving them necessary survival skills in English and enhancing their self-esteem.

    ESL Newcomer Program at Elementary, Middle and High School

    If a learner tests as "non English speaking" CISD will offer the Newcomer program.

    • Elementary Newcomer Classes (grades 1-5): Newcomer students are served at each campus in the district who score as Non-English Speakers. They receive language acquisition classes with an ESL Facilitator while receiving other content instruction from a mainstream classroom teacher with support from the ESL Facilitator.
    • Middle School Newcomer Classes (grades 6-12): Newcomer classes are at each middle school campus (grades 6-8). The students will have at least 2 periods of Newcomer ESL class for English language arts and support in vocabulary for other content classes. They will also attend mainstream history, math, and science classes with support from an ESL certified teacher.
    • Coppell High School (grades 9-12): The Newcomer program serves English Learners in the district who score as Non-English Speakers in their first year in the U.S. Students receive instruction in language acquisition, language arts, and one to three other content areas from a teacher who is certified in the content areas as well as ESL. They receive other content instruction from a mainstream classroom teacher who utilizes strategies outlined in ELPS with collaboration of the ESL teachers on campus. 


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