Referral for CISD Gifted and Talented Services

  • Eligibility

    Coppell ISD offers evaluation and assessment for Gifted and Talented Services based on the following requirements:

    • Learners must be currently enrolled and attending a school in the Coppell Independent School District.
    • Learners may be referred for Gifted and Talented Services once per academic year.
    • Please note: Elementary learners are automatically assess for Gifted and Talented Services on an ongoing basis in each grade K-5, and in most cases, parent referral is unnecessary.  

    Referral Process - Information Regarding Parent Referrals for the 20-21 School Year Will Be Made Available in Early October

    Please follow the procedures detailed here to refer a learner for CISD Gifted and Talented Services:

    • Review CISD Gifted and Talented Service Design options for Elementary and/or Secondary learners on this website.
    • Elementary learners are automatically assess for Gifted and Talented Services on an ongoing basis in each grade K-5, and in most cases, parent referral is unnecessary, but should the occasion arise, learners in K-5 should be referred for Elementary GT Services.
    • Learners in sixth - twelfth grades should be referred for Secondary GT Services.
    • Referrals are accepted through on-line submission on the CISD website for Gifted and Talented Education before the testing windows in the Fall and Spring of each academic year.  The Office of Assessment collects registration forms and provides materials for GT assessment on our CISD campuses. You will receive confirmation of receipt from the CISD Office of Assessment within one week of completing the online submission.
    • CISD utilizes a standardized assessment as part of the GT assessment process.  In order to protect the integrity of the assessment process for identification of a need for specialized instruction through GT Services, we do not release the name of the standardized assessment or the form of the assessment we utilize. 
    • Campus Gifted and Talented Committees (GTCs) review assessment results and determine learner eligibility for CISD Gifted and Talented Services.  
    • Campuses will send letters home to notify parents of whether their learner qualifies for GT services, does not qualify for GT services, or requires further assessment before a decision can be made.
    • The next available testing date for GT assessment may be found on the district assessment calendar.

    Note: Learners must be enrolled in a CISD school before they can be registered for Gifted and Talented assessment.

    Transfers from GT Services 

    Families new to CISD whose learner(s) have previously been served by Gifted and Talented Services (or the equivalent:

    • Must provide documentation that their learner(s) was identified and served in Gifted Services in the previous school district upon registration at the learner’s new CISD campus.
    • The campus GT Specialist (Elementary) or Counselor (Secondary) will review the documentation to determine eligibility for a one semester probationary period.
    • During that time, data will be gathered on the learner’s performance to determine whether CISD Gifted Services is an appropriate instructional placement for the learner.

    Please contact the Director of Mathematics & GT Services, Brian Timm, at if you have any further questions regarding parent referrals for Gifted and Talented Assessment.