Elementary Gifted and Talented Services

  • Universal Screenings - Kindergarten and First Grades

    All kindergarten and first grade learners are assessed in December to determine whether they exhibit a need for Gifted Services.  Parents will receive information about the assessment process through an emailed link during the month of September with information regarding the assessment process, qualification requirements, and the continuum of services available through Gifted and Talented services for identified elementary learners.  Once annual screenings are completed, notification letters will be sent home to parents/guardians and learners identified as requiring GT Services will begin participation during the second semester (by March 1st).

    Identified kindergarten and first grade learners will participate in weekly learning opportunities supported by their campus Gifted and Talented Interventions (GTi) Specialist, which enrich the classroom curriculum, develop critical thinking skills, and foster creativity.  Kindergarten and first grade learners also receive differentiated instruction from their classroom educators to further develop literacy and mathematics skills.

    Universal Screenings - Third and Fifth Grades

    Universal screening for Gifted and Talented Services also occurs during the fall of third and fifth grades for all learners enrolled in a CISD Elementary school. The district utilizes a standardized assessment as part of the identification process at these grade levels, and that test has been scheduled for the week of October 1 - October 4, 2018.  An email with specifics for testing week will be sent to all third and fifth grade families in September. The scores from the assessment will be sent home with learners prior to the Thanksgiving break and are one of at least three data points gathered on each learner in the screening process.  Please note: In order to protect the integrity of the assessment process for identification of a need for specialized instruction through GT Services, we do not release the name of the standardized assessment or the form of the assessment we utilize.

    Services for Elementary Gifted and Talented learners in first through fifth grades are tiered to meet the specific academic, social, and emotional needs of gifted learners.  All identified learners at these grade levels are clustered in groups of 4-8 in classrooms with educators who have specialized training. The campus GTi Specialist collaborates with those classroom educators to support differentiated learning design so gifted learners are provided opportunities to develop advanced skills in mathematics, language and literacy, social studies, and science.  Gifted learners may also study advanced content and develop independent projects with the support of their classroom educator and the campus GTi Specialist. At the end of each project, learners will make a presentation or create a sophisticated product, which will be assessed according to the rigorous standards established by the Texas Education Agency for gifted learner performance.


    Some gifted learners require additional support beyond that is consistently offered in the general education classroom setting.  Therefore, in addition to Tier II services, these learners may be pulled for small group instruction by the campus GTi Specialist for academic as well as social/emotional instruction if there is a need.  Learners at Tier III are engaged in orbital studies or Project-Based learning units that may be content specific or multi-age.

    Elementary Gifted Services in the Coppell ISD are designed to meet the specific needs of the identified learners on each campus.

Campus GT Specialists