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    Coppell ISD Gifted and Talented Services are designed to provide an academically challenging education for learners who perform or show the potential to perform at a remarkably high level of accomplishment when compared to other learners of the same age, experience, or environment, and:  

    • Excel in a specific academic field (mathematics, language arts, science, or social studies), and/or
    • Exhibit attributes, traits, and behaviors typical of the gifted 

    NEW Elementary (Grades Kinder through Fifth) - 2022-2023 Assessment Plan  


    All kindergarten learners are considered to determine whether they exhibit a need for Gifted Services.  During the 2022-2023 school year, the district will collect a minimum of 3 data points to determine a need for further assessment and potentially for services.  Once screening is complete for all CISD kindergarten learners, notification letters will be sent home to parents/guardians (by March 1st), and learners identified for GT Services will begin receiving services in March 2023.  


    Third and Fifth Grades - 2022-2023 Assessment Plan

    CISD will universally screen all third and fifth grade learners for a need for Gifted Services.  The district will collect a minimum of 3 data points on each learner to determine a need for GT Services. Once screening is complete for all CISD third and fifth grade learners, notification letters will be sent home to parents/guardians (by December 16, 2022), and learners identified as requiring GT Services will begin services during the second semester.  


    First, Second, & Fourth Grades  - 2022-2023 Assessment Plan

    Learners in first, second, and fourth grades will be part of the CISD continuous screening process. The district will collect 2 or more data points on each learner to determine if further assessment is warranted. If further assessment is warranted, parents will receive a form requesting permission for additional testing and, later, a notification letter with the results of the screening process (by March 10, 2023). Parents/guardians of learners in these grades do not receive notification letters unless their child has advanced to the second round of assessment. 


    Sixth through Eleventh Grades 2022-23 Assessment Plan

    An assessment opportunity will be made available for these learners in the spring semester.  Learners in 6th-11th grades who have not yet been identified as requiring Gifted and Talented Services may be referred for assessment by an educator or a parent. The window for accepting parent referrals for GT assessment may be found on the  district assessment calendar once a date has been set for that assessment. 

    Learners are assessed initially utilizing a standardized assessment and then additional data points are gathered to determine a need for GT services.  Please note: In order to protect the integrity of the assessment process for identification of a need for specialized instruction through GT Services, we do not release the name of the standardized assessment or the form of the assessment we utilize.  If a learner is identified as needing GT services, he or she will begin those courses at the start of the next academic year.

    New Students to CISD

    Transfers from Previous GT Services 

    Families new to CISD whose learner(s) have previously been served by Gifted and Talented Services (or the equivalent) in a previous school district will be transferred into CISD Gifted and Talented Services for one semester on a probationary basis.  During that time, data will be gathered on the learner’s performance to determine whether CISD Gifted Services is an appropriate instructional placement for the learner.

    Parents must provide documentation that their learner(s) was served in Gifted Services in the previous school district upon registration at the learner’s new CISD campus.  

    Please contact the Director of Mathematics & GT Services, Brian Timm, at if you have any further questions regarding parent referrals for Gifted and Talented Assessment.