• Books

    Bringing Out the Best , A Resource Guide for Parents of Young Gifted Children by Jacquelyn Saunders

    Gifted Children, by Virginia Ehrlich

    Gifted Kids Survival Guide for Ages 10 and Under, by Judy Galbraith

    Gifted Kids Survival Guide, (Ages 11-18), by Judy Galbraith

    Gifted Kids Survival Guide II, by James Delisle and Judy Galbraith

    Guiding The Gifted Child , by James T. Webb, Elizabeth Meckstroth and Stephanie Tolan

    Perfectionism, (What's bad about being too good?), by Miriam Aderholdt-Elliott

    Raising Champions : A Parents' Guide for Nurturing Their Gifted Children, by Michael Sayler

    Survival Guide for Parents of Gifted Kids, by Sally Walker

    Teach Your Child How To Think, by Edward de Bono

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