Identifying Children with Disabilities

  • Coppell ISD has ongoing public awareness efforts to identify and evaluate individuals birth through 21 years of age who may have a suspected disability and need special education services. These efforts include advertising the availability of services through media, public notices, staff training, and letters to private schools and physicians. Any person, birth to 21 years of age, suspected of having a disability and residing within Coppell ISD is entitled to an evaluation at no cost, whether or not the child is enrolled in public school. Contact 214-496-6955 for more information.

    Students age 5 through 21 years who reside within Coppell ISD, but who attend private schools outside of the district's attendance zone, may be able to receive some services from the school district within which their private schools is located. Students age 5 through 21 years who reside in other districts but attend private school in Coppell may be able to receive some services through Coppell ISD. Contact 214-496-6955 for more information.


Paths to Identify Students with Disabilities:

  • In-district Referrals

    The campus follows the Response to Intervention (RtI) procedures when referring a student with a suspected disability to special education. The RtI committee considers and implements a variety of instructional interventions prior to making a referral to special education in an effort to assist the student in being successful in a less restrictive environment. Should the committee determine that the child's needs are not being appropriately met in general education, a Full Individual Initial Evaluation (FIE) is conducted to determine the child's eligibility and need for special education services.

    Private School Children / Students who are Home Schooled

    Referrals are accepted primarily from parents, private schools and physicians for students who reside in CISD and attend private or home school. A campus committee reviews the data to determine the need for and the scope of the evaluation. Results of the Full Individual Initial Evaluation (FIE) determine eligibility and the need for special education services.

    Transfer Students into CISD

    Students who transfer to CISD and have been identified as eligible for special education and received services in their former school district are eligible for services in CISD on a temporary 30-day placement. During this time, CISD staff may conduct additional evaluations to determine continued eligibility for special education services and to determine needed instructional and/or related services.

    Admission Review and Dismissal Committee (ARD)

    In order to be in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations an Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) committee convenes to establish the needs of students who have been referred for special education services, or are already receiving special education services. The ARD committee, including the parent, administrator, evaluation staff and teachers familiar with the student's needs will make decisions concerning the educational program for each student. After initial admission to the special education program, the ARD committee is expected to reconvene to review a student's services at least annually. The Texas Education Agency provides a complete copy of the Guide to the ARD Process.


    The educational records of student in special education are confidential and are shared only with individuals who have an educational need to know about the student. Parents and students have many rights concerning confidentiality.