Early Childhood Intervention

  • Early Childhood Intervention

    Children with disabilities are eligible for special education services from ages 3 through 21. Coppell ISD serves children with auditory and/or visual impairments from birth. Parents of children with other developmental delays from birth to 36 months may wish to contact Special Care and Career Services Early Childhood Intervention Program (ECI) at 972-991-6777.

    Coppell ISD provides evaluation for preschool age children. Referrals are received primarily from parents, physicians, and the Early Childhood Intervention Agency for children residing within Coppell Independent School District. A Student Success Team committee reviews the referral information to determine the need for and scope of the evaluation. Eligibility for special education services is based on the results of the evaluation by the multidisciplinary team.

    Transition Process from Early Childhood Intervention to School

    If your child has been receiving ECI services, your service providers should begin discussing transition with you as your child nears his or her third birthday. A transition meeting is held 120 days prior to the child's third birthday. Options for your child are discussed and considered. About 90 days prior to the child's third birthday, a referral may be made to the school district from ECI. You will meet with school personnel and schedule any necessary assessments. Following the assessments, decisions will be made regarding your child's eligibility for services and programming options.


    Walk-In Preschool Speech

    • Students receive speech services in either a small group or individual setting depending on individual needs.

    Integrated Speech

    • Students receive speech in their classroom setting, such as PPCD, through a collaborative effort with the classroom teacher, focusing on speech development in the natural environment.

    Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD)

    • The PPCD program is provided for students, ages 3-5, that meet eligibility criteria for one of the disability areas identified by the Texas Education Agency. The PPCD program is a collaborative approach, integrating related services with instruction services. The focus of the program is language, cognition, fine/gross motor, social, emotional, behavioral and self-help skills. 

    Continuum of PPCD Settings and Services 

    • Pre-K/PPCD Inclusion - Three and four year old students with special needs are taught using preschool curriculum and individual IEPs by a Special Education/ESL certified teacher within a campus based preschool setting.
    • Four Year Old Inclusion- Four year old preschool students with special needs are taught using state adopted curriculum and individual IEPs by a Pre-Kindergarten teacher and supported by special education services within a district preschool program.
    • Five year old preschool students with special needs are placed in either a general education Kindergarten classroom with varying degrees of special education support or they are placed in a specialized program based upon individual needs and IEP goals.