It is critical that bids are completed in every detail. Review the following checklist prior to bid submittal:
    • Has the bid been completely filled out on the Coppell ISD bid form?
    • Has the unit price been filled in?
    • Has the extension been calculated correctly?
    • Have you included the description of item bidding?
    • Has the delivery time (days, weeks) been noted?
    • Have you stated warranty?
    • If product, commodity, or equipment deviates from the specifications or Design Guide, have you listed the deviations as an alternate bid(s)?
    • If descriptive literature has been requested, has it been attached to the bid form?
    • Has the bid been signed manually on the authorized signature line? All bids must be signed manually or bid will be disqualified. Be sure all forms are signed and returned with the bid.
    • Has the bid been sealed in an envelope?
    • Have you completed the requested identification data on the front of the bid envelope to ensure correct bid delivery and documentation (i.e. Bid Number, Bid Opening Date)?
    • Failure to complete any of the requested items may result in bid disqualification.