Solicitation of Bids

  • When the District identifies a commodity or service that meets the bid requirements, an "Invitation to Bid" is posted on the Coppell ISD Purchasing Department's website. All vendors on the vendor list for that specific commodity will be e-mailed notification that a bid is posted. If interested, the bid can be downloaded and printed by the vendor, completed in full, and mailed or hand-carried in a sealed envelope per instructions to the Coppell ISD Purchasing Department, 1303 Wrangler Circle, Suite 101, Coppell, Texas 75019.

    The bid document serves as notification or announcement of a competitive opportunity. The bid will reference the name, date, and time for the bid/proposal opening.

    Invitation to Bid documents will be posted in sufficient time as to permit full and free competition. Specifications, restrictions, and conditions that have the effect of limiting bidding will be avoided.

    Bid or Proposal documents contain:
      • The item or service to be purchased with specifications
      • The estimated quantity to be purchased, if known
      • Any installation, maintenance, or repair services to be provided with the item
      • The name and location(s) to which delivery is to be made or if delivery will be district-wide
      • The date or dates of delivery
      • Date, time, and place of bid opening
      • Any other terms and conditions as stated in the bid/RFP

    Each vendor has an opportunity to respond to the items or services requested or to return the "No Bid Notification" page to Purchasing, which allows the vendor to remain on the District's interested "vendors" list for future bid inclusions. Failure to complete and return the "No Bid Notification," if not submitting an offer, may result in the addressee being removed from the e-mail list for this commodity/service.