• Red Ribbon Week October 27 - 31

    Parents, please remind your children to dress-up as follows:
    Monday - "Put a Cap on Drugs" - Wear a hat to school.
    Tuesday - "Drugs Turn You Inside Out" - Wear clothes inside out.
    Wednesday - "Team Up Against Drugs" - Wear favorite team jersey.
    Thursday - "Follow Your Dreams, Don't Do Drugs" - Wear pajamas.
    Friday - "Got Character? Be Drug Free" - Dress like your favorite storybook character.
    Monday, Wednesday and Friday a special treat will come home with each student.
  • A Red Ribbon Week red bracelet that we encourage students to wear all week.
  • Twizzler licorice “Don’t Let Drugs Twist Your Mind”.
  • Smarties “Be smart, stay away from drugs”.
  • Dum Dum lollipops “Only Dum Dums Do Drugs”.