• Discipline Management Plan

    The mission of Valley Ranch, is a community working together to provide a positive and respectful environment in which children have the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential, while accepting responsibility for their learning and actions.
    This is done by incorporating three basic rules:
    • Respect Yourself
    • Respect Others
    • Respect School Property
    Positive behavior is reinforced by implementing the following:
    • Stars of the Week
    • Classroom Compliment System
    • Citizens of the Month
    As we encourage a positive and respectful environment, students recite daily the Valley Ranch Creed…
    I am proud to be a Valley Ranch Star.
    I am respectful and kind to others.
    I walk and I am quiet in the halls.
    I obey all school rules.
    Today, I will strive to be the best me I can be!
    Tools that are used to help guide and direct positive behavior include:
    Classroom Expectations/Management Plan
    • Conflict Resolution Chart
    • Peer Mediation Lessons
    • Guidance Classes
    • Monthly Character Traits
    • CISD Student Code of Conduct
    • Class Meetings
    Throughout the year, staff development opportunities are provided which focus on the needs and development of VRE students. Our goal is to provide a rich learning environment and successful students. Parents are also a major part of this process, so therefore parent
    communication is vital. Opportunities to communicate include:
    • Parent conference (designated fall, spring or as needed)
    • Weekly Newsletter
    • Phone Calls
    • Emails (if approved by the parent)
    • Notes to parents
    • Parent suggestion box (located outside the front office)
    • Contact school administration

    Together, by implementing all components of the Discipline Management Plan our children will have an opportunity to achieve to their greatest potential.