Medication Policy/Guideline

  • Abridged / Updated 8/2020

    When an underlying health problem necessitates medication administration during the school day or at a school-related activity, authorized school personnel may administer medication to students. The administration of medication by a district employee to a student shall be conditioned on the district’s receipt of a written request to administer the medication from the parent, legal guardian, or other person having lawful control of the student. This section outlines important information regarding medication administration. For additional guidelines, please contact your campus school nurse.

  • Student Medication Request Form
  • Authorization / Self-administration of Asthma / Anaphylaxis Medication
  • Authorization Aerosol Generating Procedure
  • Authorization Aerosol Generating Procedure - Spanish
  • Parent/Guardian Requests for Administration of Medication and Receipt of Medication

  • Accepted Medication

  • Administration of Medication

Medication Administration in Special Circumstances:

  • Self-Administration of Medication

  • Field Trips and School Related Events Occurring Before/After School or on Weekends

  • Medication Administration for Overnight Field Trips