New Tech Norms

    Trust             Respect         Responsibility


    Leave No Trace


    When you leave an area such as a classroom or a networking activity, please pick up everything and clean up after yourself. We have a clean school and we should do our best to keep it that way.


    Grandmother Rule


    Before you do anything with your boyfriend/girlfriend at NTH@C, be mindful of those around you and their feelings. Don’t do something that would make you think twice. We strive to make everyone feel welcome, not uncomfortable.  


    Keep It Classy


    Students should be mindful of their expression through fashion and not create an inappropriate distraction towards all members of the NTH@C community.


    Respect the Tech


    Many of the things we get (laptops, clean working areas, technological equipment, etc.) are privileges that can be taken away if they are not taken care of or used properly. Make sure to take care of your equipment, use class time correctly, and be respectful of others.


    Be Accountable


    At NTH@C, we are trusted as learners to effectively manage our time between classes, to/from shuttles, and from our work. Arriving to class late does not represent the culture at New Tech for which we strive. Be prompt, make every effort to be on time, and communicate any conflicts with group members and facilitators.  


    If You See Something, Say Something


    If you see anything on campus that detracts from the integrity and safety at NTH@C you should immediately notify a facilitator or a member of the admin team.

    The Golden Rule


    The way we talk to each other is one of the most important building blocks in our relationships. Treat learners, facilitators, and guests the way you would like to be treated: respectfully, positively, and supportively.