• Foreign Language

    There are many exciting projects going on in our foreign language classes! Here are just a few.
    Scrapbook Project in Spanish 1
    The learners had to create a scrapbook talking about their likes/dislikes, their friends likes/dislikes, and what kind of people they and their friends are, including personality descriptions! Click here to see.

    Web Site Project in Spanish 1
    The New Tech Foundation is an organization that supports the growth and expansion of New Tech schools across Texas, the United States and the world. In order to compete globally with other school organizations, it is important to communicate our successes with people throughout the world. We believe that the best way to prove the effectiveness of the New Tech model is through the work of learners using the model.
    Many of the potential New Tech schools are located in Spanish-speaking countries. The language barrier that exists is making our expansion into the Spanish-speaking world virtually impossible. This is where the New Tech learner's were challenged! They created a web site in Spanish, describing their daily lives, what courses they are taking, their facilitators, and other important facts. Click here to view their web site. 

    Web Site Project in Spanish 2
    Learners had to create a “Rules to Live By” web site in Spanish for our Spanish-speaking school community members. Click here to view their web site.