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    The Publishing Project (Art & Global Issues)
    Learners in Global Issues and Art teamed up to create our first publication at New Tech titled “Just Before.” This collaborative effort was themed around Global Issues study of mythology and urban legends. Learners in Global Issues wrote prose and poetry about specific actions that took place “just before” a major event in a myth or urban legend. Art learners then created narrative photographs based on the writings.

    "Pandora, I cannot let you open the box! Stop asking me! This is the last time I will tell you." Epimetheus stated firmly.

    Pandora gasped and looked at him with incredulity. She can’t believe he would speak to her, his strikingly gorgeous wife, who was formed from the hands of the gods themselves like that. He told her that he was going to go gather food for the meal tonight, and left.
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    Pandora's Box