Advanced Academics

  • Graduate
    • Taking a rigorous curriculum in high school is the best predictor of students' ability to complete a bachelors degree (Answers in the Toolbox, 1999).
    • The number and quality of advanced courses a learner takes is more significant than GPA or class rank for predicting college success. 
    • Students taking more advanced courses score about 2.4 points higher on the ACT composite than students taking standard graduation plan courses (ACT High School Profile, 2005).
    • Students taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses in high school have higher GPA in college than students who do not take AP courses (Answers in the Toolbox, 1999). 
    • AP Classes Learners who have taken AP courses generally score higher on the SAT than learners who have not taken AP courses.
    • The number of advanced courses a learner takes in high school may be a factor considered by a college when making admission decisions.
    • Taking advanced courses in middle school and high school is the best way to prepare for college admission and college success.
    • Coppell ISD recommends that learners challenge themselves by participating in advanced academic programs.