Immunization Requirements

  • Children need immunizations to protect them from dangerous childhood diseases. When children are fully immunized, they are provided the best protection from disease and the community in which they live is protected as well! As part of the public health system, our Health Services Team is dedicated to the goal of protecting our students and community from unnecessary harm caused by disease! 

    Texas law requires students in Texas schools to be immunized against certain vaccine-preventable diseases.  See the links to the right for current immunization requirements.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Do I need to provide my child's immunizations before he/she can attend school?
    Texas Statute requires that prior to admittance to or attendance in a Texas public school for the first time, each student shall present or have on file with the school a valid and complete immunization record. A 30-day provisional enrollment will be granted if a student transferring from one Texas school to another is awaiting transfer of an immunization record. 

    Where can I obtain a Reason of Conscience Exemption Form?
    Click here to send an online AFFIDAVIT REQUEST or call the DSHS Immunization Hotline at 1-800-252-9152.

    How long is my child's exemption valid?
    • Temporary Medical: One year with signed healthcare provider's statement.
    • Permanent Medical Exemption: Indefinite with signed healthcare provider's statement indicating the condition is life-long.
    • Reason of Conscience Exemption: Must be renewed and notarized every two years.

    Where can I get my child's immunizations administered?
    • Local pharmacies and private healthcare providers
    • Dallas County Health and Human Services Immunization clinics for those children that qualify for the Texas Vaccine for Children Program (TVFC).  
      • For a list of the various TVFC clinics found throughout the neighborhoods in Dallas click here
    Who qualifies for the Texas Vaccines for Children program? 
    • Uninsured or underinsured children (0-18 years)
    • Children who are covered by CHIP
    • Children who are of Native American or Native Alaskan heritage
    • Children on Medicaid