Instrumental Music Education

  • Philosophy: 
    The philosophy of the CISD Instrumental Music Program is not only to serve the school and community by providing entertainment and enhancing school and community spirit, but to furnish the student with an invaluable experience to encourage lifelong learning in the arts. The disciplines involved in a well-rounded instrumental program develop coordination, cooperation, teamwork, and self-discipline. The superior band helps to develop character, accountability, leadership and provides students with an ideal channel for their energies; the band also gives each student a place to belong, a social and intellectual outlet for like minds.

    Arrow  to enhance the education of children through their involvement in a quality instrumental program.
    Arrow  to provide a strong motivation for children to continue to engage in music activities.
    Arrow  to develop cooperative learning, social interaction and performance skills.
    Arrow  to develop in children an awareness and appreciation of many musical styles and genres.
    Arrow  to develop instrumental and ensemble skills.
    Arrow  to encourage children to become lifelong learners and consumers of the arts.

Director of Bands