Health Concerns

  • Keeping your child's school informed of any health concerns is crucial for assuring a safe and positive school experience. The following information may be helpful as you plan for the school year. 
    When a student needs medication at school, a parent or guardian must provide the medication in its original container along with a completed and signed Student Medication Request Form. For more information on medication, please see the "Medication Guideline."

    Authorization to Carry Medication for Asthma or Anaphylaxis
    Per Texas State law, epinephrine and metered-dose inhalers are two medications a student can carry and self-administer with the appropriate authorization on file at school. See Permit for Self-Administration of 
    Asthma or Anaphylaxis Medication Form. This authorization form must be renewed each academic year.

    Life-Threatening Allergies
    To ensure a child with severe allergies is safe at school, parents should inform the district of this vital health information by completing the health section during online registration, or by completing an Allergy-Anaphylaxis Health History Form provided here. An Allergy-Anaphylaxis Action Plan, filled out by a healthcare professional, must also be on file at school to assure an appropriate emergency response in the event a child experiences an exposure at school. To learn more about our district's severe allergy and anaphylaxis protocol, including staff and family responsibilities, please visit with your student's school nurse or clinic aide.
    Parents should inform the district when their child has a history of asthma by completing the health section during online registration, or by completing an Asthma History Form provided here. An Asthma Action Plan filled out by a healthcare professional, must also be provided if assistance by our staff may be necessary while at school.
    Seizure Disorder
    To ensure a child with a history of seizures is safe at school, parents must inform the district of this important health information by completing the health section during online registration, or by completing a Seizure Disorder History Form provided here. A Seizure Action Plan, filled out by a healthcare professional, must also be on file at school to ensure appropriate emergency response in the event your child experiences a seizure at school.
    A Diabetes Management and Treatment Plan (DMTP) is the first step in assuring your child's success at school when he or she has diabetes. The DMTP is a doctor-provided form and should be delivered to your child's school and reviewed with the school nurse before your child attends school. Understanding your child's unique experience with diabetes is important to us, and our parent-completed Diabetes History Form can be used for that purpose.

    Other Health Concerns 
    When registering your child for school, completing the online "health" section is the first step for ensuring appropriate care will be provided for your child while attending school. A Comprehensive Health Assessment/History Form is also available for you to provide us additional health information or updates. If your child's health professional has ordered a special healthcare procedure to be performed during the school day, authorization forms for special healthcare procedures (general, catheterization, and g-tube feedings) are available here.