• Committee Considerations/Reports

    At a special board meeting on May 18, 2006, Jimmy Perdue (GAC Chairman) presented the research that the Grade Alignment Committee has gathered thus far.  
    On February 16, 2006, each of the seven sub-committees made a report on the research they had gathered. After all the presentations, the committee discussed viable options that needed more research/discussion and options that could be eliminated. See each option's presentation below.
    Possible Considerations
    Short Term Solution
    This committee will be brainstorming ideas that we could put into place as early as fall 2006 to reduce the number of students on the CHS campus during the day.
    9th Grade Center
    This committee will be researching the traditional off-site Freshman Center. This would require the district to acquire and build a new campus away from the current CHS campus.
    Jr. High Concept
    This Committee will be studying the traditional Junior High Concept where grades 7-9 are housed together thereby alleviating the overcrowding by the removal of freshman from CHS. This would also require 6th graders to remain on their elementary campuses for one more year.
    Senior High Model
    This committee will research a model used in Plano and Southlake Carroll ISD that houses grades 9-10 and 11-12 in separate campuses.
    This committee will be studying the establishment of an Academy or Magnet school that would attract students away from the current CHS campus in sufficient numbers thereby reducing the overcrowding.
    2nd High School
    This committee will be examining the possibility of building a second 9-12th grade campus.
    Other Considerations
    This committee will explore other options.
    All subcommittees should address:
    • Academic Impact
    • Extracurricular Impact
    • Facilities Impact
    • Fiscal Impact
    • Social Impact