Welcome to K 2017-2018 KINDERGARTEN ENROLLMENT
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    Arrow  Students need to be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2017 to enroll for the 2017-2018 school year
    Arrow  Students need to live within the Coppell ISD boundaries

    Arrow  Open Enrollment for the City of Coppell residents that do not live within CISD boundaries
    Arrow  Dual Language Immersion Program (Spanish/English instruction)
    Arrow  Choice elementary school (Pinkerton Elementary)
    Arrow  Gifted & Talented Testing
    English As a Second Language (ESL)
    Pre-Kindergarten Registration

    Documentation needed at the time of enrollment:
    Arrow  Proof of Residency in Coppell Independent School District
    Arrow2  Signed Settlement Statement, Deed of Trust, or Current Signed Rental Agreement
    Arrow  One current utility bill (electric, water or gas)
    Arrow2  Bill must contain the resident name and address
    Arrow  Student's social security card (if applicable)
    Arrow  Student's State Certified Birth Certificate or Passport
    Arrow  Photo identification of parent/legal guardian (driver's license/passport)
    Arrow2  A custodial parent will need to provide a copy of the divorce decree
    Arrow2  Legal guardian must provide court documentation
    Arrow  Immunization Records (Texas state law will not allow any student to start without this)
    Arrow2  You will be rescheduled if your child does not have current immunizations
    Arrow2  Click here for immunization requirements
    Arrow  Withdrawal papers from previously attended school (if applicable)
    Arrow  Most recent report card (from the previous school)
    Arrow2  Please also provide current transcript (unofficial) for secondary students (the campus will request OFFICIAL records from the previous school at a later date)
    Arrow  A current email address for online enrollment purposes
    Arrow  If a parent authorizes a relative or caregiver to assume educational responsibility please complete the Authorized Agreement for Nonparent Relative or Voluntary Caregiver form (NOTE: this form must be notarized)
    Arrow  If a guardian's name is not on the lease or deed of residence because the guardian(s) and child(ren) are living with a CISD resident, please complete the Notarized Affidavit of Residence (NOTE: affidavits must be notarized)
    Arrow2  Submit the completed affidavit to the secretary/registrar at your campus enrollment appointment
    Arrow  If a child is attending a CISD school because they receive after school child care from a grandparent, please complete the Nonresident Notarized Grandparent After-School Care Affidavit (NOTE: affidavit must be notarized)
    Arrow2  Submit the completed affidavit to the secretary/registrar at your campus enrollment appointment