NTH@C Procedures to Enroll in Dual Credit

  • Two steps to take a course at North Lake.

    1.     Apply to North Lake- Skip this step if already enrolled at Northlake

    • Complete NL Application on-line. Go to www.dcccd.edu, click on North Lake, Admissions and Registration and lastly Dual Credit. When done, you’ll receive a NL ID number needed for Accuplacer.
    • Complete NL Dual Credit Packet  (available in your counselor's office at NTH@C – requires parent signature)
    • Take the Accuplacer test (allow three hours to take) or have qualifying ACT, SAT or TAKS scores.



    English - 19

    Math - 19

    Composite – 23


    Reading – 500

    Math – 500

    Composite – 1070

    (11th Exit)

    English – 2200/ws 3

    Math - 2200



    You may take the Accuplacer at NTH@C or at NL

    NTH@C – April 10th Starting at 8:30 a.m.

    North Lake

    Complete NL Application and print sheet showing NL ID #

    Complete NL on-line application

    Complete hard copy Dual Credit Packet

    Take Dual Credit Packet to them

    Sign up (3/25-4/25) with your NTH@C counselor & turn in sheet showing NL ID# and completed Dual Credit Packet at that time.

    Register for testing time or provide them acceptable ACT, SAT or TAKS scores

    • Provide High School Student Enrollment Status Report to your NTH@C counselor. You will receive this form from NL showing acceptance to NL after passing the Accuplace or providing them an alternate test score from the chart above. If you are taking the Accuplacer at NTH@C, NL will provide this directly to NTH@C. If you are taking the Accuplacer at NL or are providing them an approved alterante test score you must bring this to your NTH@C counselor. 
    2.     Enroll for Classes –Deadline for Fall is June 27, 2013 with NL Registration Summary due to NTH@C by June 27, 2013.
    • Summer Classes –You will receive the enrollment form to take for registration when you bring your counselor  the High School Student Enrollment Status Report. Registration begins mid-April and most summer class sessions are 6/5-7/3 and 7/9-8/8. Bring NTH@C a NL transcript showing completed courses by 8/1 if doing first session and 8/16 if taking the second session so that your schedule and transcript here at NTH@C can be updated.
    • Fall Classes – You will receive in class, May 17, the NL Enrollment form and NTH@C transcript needed to enroll at NL. Returning students to NL may register starting 6/17 and first time students 6/24. Bring back to NTH@C proof of enrollment (NL Registration Summary) by June 27 or you will not be released from your schedule at NTH@C.  After receipt of NL Registration Summary we will adjust your fall schedule here.