Returning Substitutes

  • Please follow the directions below to begin your process to return for the 2020-2021 school year.

    Just a reminder, it is required by the District that all subs take a refresher training course every other year at the cost of $24.00.   As I process you through, those of you that need to take it will be notified to do so.  All returning subs will be subject to a yearly background check.  Your fingerprints are on file and will not be required again.

    Direction to complete an application. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY 

    1. All returning subs must complete a substitute application through Winocular. When you click on the link it will take you to our Winocular Workspace log in page. IF YOU HAVE NOT CREATED AN ACCOUNT IN THIS NEW SYSTEM, YOU MUST CLICK ON THE NEW USER LINK IN THE MIDDLE TO CREATE ONE. If you have applied for other jobs this summer or as volunteer last summer, you will log in with the credentials you recently created.
    2. You will then select  “Add New Application” (NOT JOB POSTINGS) and select Substitute.
    3. Please complete the entire application. This application will be your electronic employee file for the district to replace your paper file. It will ask you to fill out all areas as if you are a new hire, including references and transcripts/ resumes..etc.  Reference information will be required on application, however,  I will not need responses from them to move forward. In addition, I have your transcripts/resumes etc… on file, so you do not have to upload those if you do not wish to do so!
    4. Please check your emails frequently as you will be notified of your next steps during the process! PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM. 

    If you wish to apply, please click on the link below. Once submitted, please allow 7-10 days before inquiring about your application.

    Substitute Application


Additional Forms

  • (if needed)

    Direct Deposit   W4   Beneficiary