CG3: iPad Initiative

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    iPads at CHS
    In the fall of 2013, the Coppell Independent School District took a big transformational step as it makes a true shift to 21st century learning and the goal of student centered schools and future ready students. As a tool to support transformation, Coppell ISD began issuing an iPad to every learner at Coppell High School. The iPad initiative, “CG³” (Coppell: Get Inspired, Go Innovate and Gain Purpose), is designed to engage and empower learners to actualize the CISD mission of personal success, dynamic leadership, and global citizenship. 
    iPads at Middle School
    The 1:1 iPad initiative (CG³) has expanded to the middle school level for grades 6th-8th during fall 2014. These devices accompany quality instruction provided by CISD educators.
    iPads at Elementary
    Following a pilot study of iPads at the fourth and fifth grade level, all elementary campuses have 1:1 devices in fourth and fifth grade. This will "seed" technology usage and understanding for these learners. In addition to 1:1 devices at the fourth and fifth grade levels, all elementary campuses have access to different technology devices for all levels of learners, including Macs, PCs, and shared iPads (PreK-3, and special programs).
    Why iPads?

    • when integrated into the daily learning experience, support essential college and career readiness skills including: complex communication, media literacy, and self-directed learning.
    • serve as a tool for consumption and creativity.
    • enable 24/7 flexibility for learners.
    • allow learners to conduct research and demonstrate their knowledge of course content.
    • provide a means for personalized learning.
    • deliver immediate feedback on learners’ progress of skills and content mastery.
    • house a wide variety of apps and capabilities that provide an interactive engaging learning environment.