April 5, 2006 Issue 5
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Waiver Approved

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) granted the district's waiver application for a school start date that is earlier than that set by the state. Coppell Independent School District will begin the fall 2006-07 school year on Monday, August 14, 2006. You may view the calendar on the district's website at www.coppellisd.com.

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Several Coppell ISD residents recently began notifying elected school board trustees about a phone survey soliciting responses concerning, among other topics, the North Lake/Cypress Waters development. Any such phone survey authorization, whether in the last three weeks or three months, has not been awarded by the Coppell Independent School District to any person or firm.

Those residents who were called reported the survey took 10-20 minutes to answer and they reported having been asked questions similar to the following: Are you supportive of pursuing an ill-advised lawsuit that is likely to fail after spending $950,000?; Would you be more likely to support the North Lake/Cypress Waters development project if you knew it was a single-family, high-end, upscale development with retail and fine dining? Recipients of phone calls were also asked about their views about specific school trustees and the superintendent. It was later verified by a Coppell resident that the survey company being used was Western Research out of Utah but when asked who had commissioned them, the company official denied knowing who wrote the questions and would not confirm their employer. Survey personnel also stated that over 1000 surveys had been administered.

Coppell resident Wendy Dixon said, "While I am curious to know who would actually spend their hard- earned money to commission such a clearly biased survey...I'm even more curious to know if they really believed our community could be so ignorant as to fall for it? What the developers need to know is that this whole issue has single-handedly united our community in support of our school district and City officials. Our elected officials have spent years building relationships and gaining the public's trust and, in my book, that's a lesson the developers could stand to learn. Credibility and integrity may not count for much in the minds of those who are in this just to make a buck at the expense of our property values...to us, it's everything. They need to understand that behind faith, there's nothing we value more than our children and our community. Even if rocks and slings were the only weapons we had to battle against this enemy, then I'd say, 'Bring it!'."

For extensive, factual information regarding the North Lake/Cypress Waters development and the district's Bond Committee recommendations please view CISD's website at www.coppellisd.com.