• Font

    • Karla (google font). You can download free at http://www.google.com/webfonts 
    • Arial
    • Heading 1 is 16pt.

    • Heading 2 is 14pt.

    • Heading 3 is 12pt.

    • Normal size is 10 pt.


    There are gradients on the site so these are the different colors:
    • Red: #B91B16 and #89120F
    • Green: #3E6818 and #305112
    • Yellow: #D1A63B and #CD881F
    • Brown: #4C2814 and #251309
    • Light tan: F4E9DA (content background)
    • Dark tan: #E9D4B5 (left-hand navigation background color)


    •  Left navigation is 241 px
    • Content area (light tan background) is 448 px


    • You can only edit the content area (the light tan)
    • The green title banner is present all all pages and reflects the title of the page
    • The gold left navigation bar titled "Pages" is also present on all pages--any pages within that section will display below with a red arrow