• Grade Alignment Committee

    The purpose of the Grade Alignment committee was to serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Trustees and to District Administration on a temporary basis in order to address the needs of student growth in Coppell and also examine Coppell High School to determine if an over-crowding situation exists. 
    The committee had two goals:
    To investigate short range solutions for CISD's immediate enrollment needs and tolook at long-range projections resulting from the North Lake expansion. 
    Committee's Charge and Questions to be Answered: 
    Committee Activities
    • Evaluate our current situation and project future possibilities
    • Form subcommittees and address specific alternatives
    • Develop a Recommendation to the Board of Trustees 

    Considering the situation in Grades 9-12

    • Maximum student population of the District is uncertain at this time
    • Good data for estimating the number of students attending grades 9-12 without Northlake expansion
    • Prudent to utilize the existing facilities to maximize their usefulness

    Continuing to Look Ahead

    • Considering the future needs of students enrolled in grades PreK-8 and 9-12, should the District call a bond election in May 2006, November 2006, May 2007?

    Areas of Focus

    • Facilities and Enrollment
    • Testing and Accountability
    • Career and Technology
    • Extra and Co-Curricular Programs
    • Finances
    • Student Management and Safety
    • Curriculum and Instruction
    • Transportation  
    Compelling Questions
    • In general, does the community feel there is a problem with over-crowding at Coppell High School without including future students? 
    • Does the community desire a realignment if the CHS enrollment does not exceed 3,000 students except periodically and for short periods of time?

    Questions to Answer . . .

    • With an enrollment of 3,000 plus students, are educational opportunities reduced at CHS? -How? -To what extent?
    • How will extra- and co-curricular opportunities be affected?
    • As more residential development occurs, what would be the impact on student learning and opportunities?
    • How will students react to a grade realignment? -Is this a consideration? -What are the pros and cons?