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    Mr. Malachi Ewbank


    Hello, and welcome to my CCE page! My name is Malachi Ewbank, and this will be my 23rd year as an educator in Coppell ISD! I have spent all 22 years at Cottonwood Creek Elementary which means I'm a "Colt" through and through. 

    Aside from being passionate about the classroom, I also have a few passions that keep my journey interesting. I am a cyclist and enjoy racing for a team here in the DFW area. You might also find me running with a group or playing a pick-up game of soccer or basketball. When I'm not in the competitive mood, I enjoy composing and playing music on the piano and finding new healthy foods to enjoy!

    I know this year is definitely going to be unique, and I'm excited to see what adventures it brings. Please know I'm here to support you in any way I can, and I look forward to our time together!


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