• Ms Gilstrap



    Cottonwood Creek Physical Education Specialist

     Welcome to Cottonwood Creek Physical Education!

          "I believe that healthy, active children will be lifelong leaders!  It is my passion to inspire CCE learners, fellow educators, and community to Live Well--physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually--throughout their entire lives."  

          During the school year your child will participate in Physical Education (PE) 3 days a week.  Our PE class includes activities designed to enhance motor skill development, improve your child's physical fitness level, and inspire them to......
          PLAY:  Participate Actively, Learn Every Day, Accept Others, and YOU are a Winner!
             SWEAT:  Success With Effort Attitude and Teamwork!
                        LEAD:  Learn Every Day, Engage Actively, Accept Others, and DO YOUR BEST!
     I hope that your child comes home each day with PRIDE in their  "physical" accomplishments!
      Thanks for your support and effort to PLAY with your child each day!