• Principal's Corner

    Cottonwood Creek Elementary is an exciting and engaging place of learning for over 500 students and 60 staff members! Our educators are highly skilled, caring professionals who are dedicated to modeling life-long learning as we prepare our learners for life in the 21st century. Along with creating an environment for strong academic success, we are committed to developing learners who are able to lead their own lives, be strong examples for others, live with integrity, and be influences for good in our world.

    We believe that by promoting the importance of leadership, in addition to academic rigor, we are helping our learners develop knowledge and skills that will lead to success throughout their lives.

    Caring and positive relationships form the foundation of our school culture. Members of our school community feel valued and accepted and share a passion for developing learners as leaders. We take great pride in our safe school where we treat others fairly, with respect, and in a socially responsible way.

    "Peace Love Lead" is the beginning of our shared school vision to inspire greatness and unleash the potential in each of our learners. We believe that learning is a partnership between our staff, students, families, and community members.

    We are excited about this journey and look forward to developing leaders one child at a time!

    Andra Penny,