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    Podcasts, iPods, and eBooks . . . . oh my! What innovative new opportunities for teaching and learning are possible with these 21st century tools? Endless opportunities!
    Why not begin with the basics: reading, writing, and . . . talking (talking about reading and writing, that is)! Using digital eBooks, Apple iPods, and the technology already available in our school, students will learn new technology skills while they strengthen their reading, listening, writing, and oral presentation skills.
    They’ll sync an iPod to enable them to listen to an eBook, write about their thoughts and reactions to the book, and then compose a script which they’ll use to create their own digital content in the form of a podcast. The learning continues as the students blog with classmates to communicate about their reading, podcasting, and iPods . . . oh my!
    Get Set - 2nd time around was the charm for us! The Coppell Education Foundation granted us ~$5000 to get started with Podcasting, iPods & eBooks...Oh My!! Check out the Oz Team and see our grant application on the Forms and Helpful Links page.

    Get Ready - Preparing, gathering permissions, assuring vendors, ordering equipment and books proved more difficult than acquiring funds for the project. Read more about it on the Forms and Helpful Links page.

    Go! - After what seemed like forever, we're on our way! Check out our podcasts, our sister schools' and our photo gallery.
    Reflection - Reading and reviewing is great, but growth and increased student achievement can really be seen through assessment and reflection. See our rubric and first reflections in the Ozssssome blog!
    Try, Try Again - Now that the equipment is here (in good working order;-) our teachers and students have been trained on how to use audacity to create podcasts, and our first book reviews have been done...we're on a roll to bigger and better achievements this Spring! Revisit our site often, look for updates and monitor our progress!