• CHS Strategic Plan Underway


    With new leadership at the helm, Coppell High School set out to develop a campus strategic plan by which they would chart a new course for CHS. The plan is aligned with the district strategic plan, but addresses the unique needs, issues, and opportunities of CHS.
    The planning process started in the fall of 2006 with a public forum for the community and then visioning session involving the entire CHS faculty. Subsequently, a diverse 30 member strategic planning team met in November to write the mission statement, parameters, beliefs, objectives and eight tactics.
    Following the work of this strategic planning team, action teams of over 250 parents, students, and staff members specifically crafted steps needed to execute the eight tactics. The action steps were then submitted to the strategic planning team and the approved steps will be implemented over the next three-five years. Here are some of the exciting results of the action teams that students will benefit from in the first year of the plan:
    • New CHS traditions and recognition programs for students and staff
    • Enhanced communication avenues
    • Student advisory groups to the principal
    • Mentoring/advisory system
    In the next three-five years, students, staff and the community can also look forward to . . .
    • Student-driven character and service program
    • Community outreach program
    • Smaller learning communities
    • Intramural athletic program
    • Flexible scheduling options
    • Introduction of International Baccalaureate program
    CHS Strategic Plan Retreat
    Thirty students and six staff members went on a CHS Strategic Plan retreat this past summer.