• New Tech High @ Coppell

    Rules To Live By

    There are three words that describe the culture of NTH@C:

    Trust             Respect         Responsibility

    With these in mind, learners created, debated, and decided on our NTH@C rules to live by. These rules build on the culture of trust, respect, and responsibility and will be observed at all times; throughout the building.

    Leave No Trace

    When you leave an area such as a classroom or a networking activity, please pick up everything and clean up after yourself. We have a clean school and we should do our best to keep it that way.

    Grandmother Rule

    Before you do anything with your girlfriend/boyfriend in NTH@C, ask yourself this: “Would I do this in front of my grandmother?” If the answer is no, then don’t do it. We should respect each other by limiting public displays of affection.

    Modest is Hottest

    The clothing we wear is a reflection of our values and our respect for NTH@C and CISD. If the way we dress is inappropriate, we do not show the responsibility that is part of our culture. Dress should be about exposing your pride, not your body.

    Respect the House

    Many of the things we get (laptops, clean working areas, technological equipment, etc). are privileges that can be taken away if they are not taken care of or used properly. Make sure to take care of your equipment, use class time correctly, and be respectful of others.

    Be on Time (BOT)

    At NTH@C, we are trusted as learners to effectively manage our time between classes and to/from the shuttles. Since the campus is small, we should be able to get to our classes quickly without distraction. Arriving to class late sets back group work and does not communicate trust, respect, or responsibility. We should be in class on time every day.

    Abide by the Law

    Bringing any type of contraband into school is an extreme violation of trust, respect and responsibility. Weapons, drugs, or alcohol should never be on the NTH@C campus, and we should immediately report it to a facilitator or the admin team if we see them.   

    Give It To Get It

    The way we talk to each other is one of the most important building blocks in our relationships. Inappropriate or offensive speech does not communicate an environment of respect to each other or to the guests of NTH@C. Remarks that are disparaging or hurtful damage our ability to trust one another. Speech should be uplifting and appropriate. Give respect to get respect.