• Overview

    As a 21st Century school, New Tech High @ Coppell embraces rigor in both traditional core learning areas and in skills typically not taught as a part of a traditional curriculum. These skills include: Collaboration, Content Literacy, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Oral Communication, Professional Ethics and Responsibility, Research Skills, Technology Literacy, and Written Communication.
    New Tech High @ Coppell has adopted Project Based Learning as a means of seamlessly delivering both core area knowledge and 21st Century skills, emphasizing a real-world application of knowledge. In order to support a collaborative and project-based learning environment, NTH@C made some fundamental changes in the way school operates.  Students in the model are called "learners" because they are active in the education process and are in charge of their education. Teachers in the model are called "facilitators" because they assist learners through projects but are not the sole source of information to be taught.
    In addition, the campus is technology-rich, mimicking the workplace where all participants have access to the technological tools they need to complete their work. The campus is fully wireless, with a 1:1 hybrid laptop model providing Apple or PC laptops for all learners and facilitators. When projects are completed, external evaluators from a variety of business and education fields come to grade learner presentations and final products. All learners will also complete a job-shadowing experience their junior year and a job internship their senior year in preparation for working successfully in a 21st Century career field.